About Us

Elevate Volleyball Club strives to create a positive, yet competitive environment for our athletes. Coaches demand effort, skills, and positive attitudes from all of the athletes in order to build successful teams. Our teams have been successful in many events including regionals, provincials and national levels. Coaches work hard with all our athletes to help them achieve their personal athletic goals, while ensuring "we before me" is a prominent our culture. We encourage and welcome parent involvement. A well communicated - realistic understanding of each player and their team’s potential will help Elevate athletes and teams experience success this season!
Elevate Volleyball Club Teams practice in the communities of Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Mission. We have coaches that are Level 1 and Level 2 certified with years of experience
We are governed by a Board of Directors, as we are a non-profit society


Elevate Volleyball Club (previously known as Altruista Volleyball Club), was created in 2010. The club has since continued to listen to the community and reshifted the organization to focus on developing athletes, providing highly competitive teams and strengthening the coaching staff. We have a dedicated administrative and coaching staff that are always looking at how to improve the club and volleyball experience.

Our Mission

Elevate Volleyball Club will provide an exceptional positive opportunity for female athletes to play volleyball and be part of a dynamic team which will allow them to develop into young women who give back to their community

Competitions and Play Time

Each team will compete in a variety of tournaments, "play-dates" and game-play practices. We believe that practicing with "game-like" drills as well as finding opportunities to compete helps develop the complex skills needed to be successful volleyball players. The Coaches will decide on what events to put their teams in as well as determine the amount of playtime each athlete will receive. The younger age groups (13-14U) will be following the Volleyball BC rules where fair play time is required. Athletes on the older age teams (15-17U) will have varying amounts of play time, which will be determined by a variety of variables including the athletes effort, attitude, coachability, level of competitors the team is playing and coaching strategy. There is no expectation that every athlete will have the same amount of play time at the higher age groups.

Parent Involvement

We highly encourage parents to become active "cheerleaders" for the teams and club. It is with a strong parent-coach relationship that we together are able to enhance the experience and skills of the athletes. Parent support is critical. We encourage parents to come to practices, cheer at tournaments, help and support all athletes. However, at times some parents have been known to “go over the top“ by actively coaching athletes while we are coaching, or verbalizing unhelpful comments. It is expected everyone will follow the appropriate “practice and game parent etiquette” and leave the coaching to the coaches!

Team Names

It is important to ensure Elevate Volleyball Club continues to build a strong identity and reputation. Team names are standardized for each age group:

1st Team: Elevate Peak

2nd Team: Elevate Ice

3rd Team: Elevate Edge

Amanda Dick

Club Director, Board Member

Shane Hennessy

Board Member and Head Coach

Gillian Hennessy

Board Member and Head Coach

Tirso Urbano

Board Member and Assistant Coach

Katelyn Zutter

Board Member and Assistant Coach