Our Teams

High Performance Teams (“AA”- Elevate Peak) and Competitive Teams ("A"- Elevate Ice)


Thanks to all who tried out for a spot on an Elevate Volleyball Team.  All teams have now been selected.  Congratulations to those who have been selected.  For those who have not been selected, we encourage you to keep playing and enjoying volleyball in other ways.


  • will focus on more higher competitive tournaments, enhanced training/fitness and be composed of higher skilled players
  • will train at least 3 days per week
  • expect athletes to maintain an above average fitness level on their own
  • will go to Regionals, Provincials and Nationals


  • will focus on advancing and refining skills and compete in some competitive tournaments
  • will train 2-3 days per week
  •  attend Regionals and Provincials, but may not attend Nationals

Elevate Volleyball Teams 2018


13U Elevate Peak

Head Coach: Karen Jarvis
Assistant Coaches: Evan Peters and Tirso Urbano


2-Hannah Brandt
3-Meilna Carson
6-Ava Michael
7-Anna Scott
8-Valentina Urbano
9-Karina Van Belle
10-Katelyn Nielsen
12-Alicia Quiring
13-Kendra de Wolde
15-Aileen Cheema
16-Annabelle Moon
21-Myriam Hickey

13U Elevate Ice

Head Coach: Andrew Hale
Assistant Coach:


8-Kali Bushey
9-Ava Symons
10-Alyssa Dhaliwal
15-Lyla Neufeld
16-Ayva Rieu
18-Quinlyn Harvey
19-Alise Hoeppner
22-Anna Hale
23-Milan Wander
27-Arshdeep Wander
33-Ashley Rourke
44-Natalie Curley

14U Elevate Peak

Head Coach: Amanda Dick
Assistant Coach: Joyce Munroe


1-Lauren Bowman
3-Maeryn Beingessner
4-Emma Martin
5-Charity Lee
7-Eden Kampen
11-Megan Munroe
14-Chiara Trionfi
15-Cassidy Haglund
17-Jolene Bitter
22-Kylen Koop
31-Jaimie Baerg
41-Alysha Penman

14U Elevate Ice

Head Coach: Carlos Navarrete
Assistant Coach: Josh Olson


2-Maia Olson
5-Sydney Kornelius
7-Meghan Vaags
8-Tiana Hoeppner
9-Reilley Coghill
11-Katharine Ward
12-Ava Pearson
16-Carley MacKinnon
23-Olivia Navarrete
24-Lauren Vanderpol
32-Alexis Strehlau
44-Taylor Hutton

15U Elevate Peak

Head Coach: Paul Watton
Assistant Coach: Nu Lapa and Brinna Kearl


2-Alicia Mathieson
3-Megan Malfait
6-Jayde Blight
8-Lesina Lapa
9-Maya Kearl
10-Amanda Duan
13-Raya-Linn Brandsma
15-Abbie Pinchin
20-Fiona Doerksen
21-Kaleigh Haglund

15U Elevate Ice

Head Coach: Shane Hennessy
Assistant Coaches: Gillian Hennessy and Katelyn Zutter


3 – Malise Ascencao
5 – Kacey DeJong
6 – Jada Mann
8 – Paige Harbut
9 – Austyn Newhook
10 – Kate Barkey
12 – Jillian Trout
13 – Jadyn MacDonald
14 – Isa Shayler
16 – Kylie Larson
17 – Aisha Pohl
26 – Cassandra Evans

16U Elevate Peak

Head Coach: Shallen Letwin
Assistant Coach: Kristi McLean
Manager: Heather Reid


1-Erin O’Brien
2-Claire McLean
3-Kate Letwin
4-Mo Likness
5-Hayley Funk
7-Sarah Reid
8-Cailin Bitter (Co-Captain)
9-Kylie Kampman
11-Abby DeVries
15-Delaney Spink (Co-Captain)
99-Malaya Brandsma

16U Elevate Ice

Head Coach: Ken Baerg
Assistant Coach: Shelley Dueck


1-Jazmin Avila
2-Eden Baerg
3-Johannah Brandsma
4-Jacey Chavez
5-Sophie Michael
6-Samantha Neville
7-Chelsea Penner
8-Cleary Sheehan
9-Shayla Vanderveen
10-Danielle Visser
11-Megan Ward
12-Alexandra Graber-Olm





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