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High Performance Teams (“AA”- Elevate Peak) and Competitive Teams ("A"- Elevate Ice)


  • will try to focus on more higher competitive tournaments/games, enhanced training and be composed of higher skilled players
  • will train at least 2-3 days per week (with a potential for additional training days)
  • expect athletes to maintain an above average fitness level on their own
  • will go to Regionals, Provincials and Nationals

COMPETITIVE TEAMS (“A”-Elevate Ice and Elevate Edge)

  • will focus on advancing and refining skills and compete in some competitive tournaments
  • will train 2 days per week
  • may attend Regionals and Provincials



Tryouts for 2018 Season:

NOTE Online Registration stops 60 min before Tryouts (please register in person at desk)
  • Please come prepared to work hard
  • Please bring great attitude, water bottle and wear appropriate volleyball attire
  • Each age group will have 2 tryout times, it is best to attend both as increases athletes chance to make a team
  • If you played on a team last year, you no longer need a release form to tryout
  • Fee $25 (CASH ONLY) for each age group tryouts.
  • Team Tryouts: ARRIVE 15-20 min early to ensure you get registered


13U (born 2005 or later): 

COACHES: Karen Jarvis (Elevate Peak) , Andrew Hale (Elevate Ice)

November 20: 600-730 pm (UFV South Gym, Abbotsford): NOTE LOCATION CHANGE

November 26: 400-545 pm (Columbia Bible College, Abbotsford)


14U (born 2004 or later)

COACHES: Amanda Dick (Elevate  Peak), Carlos Navarrete (Elevate Ice), Brian Ward (Elevate Edge)

November 20: 730-900 pm (UFV, South Gym, Abbotsford): NOTE LOCATION CHANGE

November 26: 600-745 pm (Columbia Bible College, Abbotsford)


15U (born 2003 or later): TEAM FEES

COACHES: Paul Watton (Elevate Peak) and Shane Hennessey (Elevate Ice)

November 26: 800-945 pm (Columbia Bible College, Abbotsford)

November 27: 630-800 pm (Fraser Middle School, Abbotsford): NOTE TIME CHANGE


16U (born 2002 or later)

COACHES: Shallen Letwin (Elevate Peak) and Ken Baerg (Elevate Ice)

December 3: 400-600 pm (Columbia Bible College, Abbotsford)

December 10: 400-600 pm (Columbia Bible College, Abbotsford)


17U (born 2001 or later)


We are sorry but unable to offer a 17U team this season.  Please check back next year

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