High Performance Teams (Elevate Peak) and Competitive Teams (Elevate Ice and Elevate Edge)

Elevate Volleyball Teams 2019

13U Elevate Peak

Head Coach: Leasa Lepine
Assistant Coaches: Kathleen Leping and Anna-Marie Lepine

Makenna Barata
Emily Friesen
Julia Friesen
Kayden Fuess
Arzanna Langelaar
Tessa Moon
Julia Navarrete
Katie Anne Pahl
Ava Rodgers
Iman Syed


13U Elevate Ice

Head Coach: Gillian Hennessy
Assistant Coaches: Kaitlyn Zutter

Song-ah Clarke
Marayah Drader
Katie Gray
Lily Gronberg
Jordyn Jeffery
Abbie Mathieson
Isabella Nemez
Beth Redmond
Brooke Redmond
Peyton Shuster
Sophia Smith
Kate Stobbe

14U Elevate Peak

Head Coach: Karen Jarvis
Assistant Coach: Evan Peters and Claire McLean

Marissa Bitter
Melina Carson
Smantha Connor
Kendra deWolde
Ava Michael
Annabelle Moon
Katelyn Nielsen
Kayla Schuurman
Anna Scott
Shae Thomas
Karina VanBelle
Violet Vanderkool

14U Elevate Ice

Head Coach: Andrew Hale
Assistant Coach:

Thea Fergus
Anna Filiushyna
Emika Fujie
Anna Hale
Quinlyn Harvey
Taygen MacGregor
Ayva Rieu
Sarah Roemer
Ashley Rouke
Ava Symons
Arshdeep Wander
Milan Wander
Isabella Weisgerber


14U Elevate Edge

Head Coach: Tirso Urbano
Assistant Coach: Sylvia Urbano and Jacky Blum

Jolisa Loewen
Madison Middlemiss
Brie Izbicki
Annabelle Robbins
Nakia Clarke
Alyssa Dhaliwal
Morgan Drake
Yasmine Hamidi
Saelah Keigley
Valentina Urbano
Isabel Gosselin
Ester Muteba


15U Elevate Peak

Head Coach: Amanda Dick
Assistant Coach: Josh Olson

Kylie Birnie
Gabrielle Fafard
Tiana Hoeppner
Eden Kampen
Charity Lee
Emma Martin
Katelyn Mierau
Megan Munroe
Maia Olson
Meghan Vaags
Lauren Vanderpol
Amelia VanPopta

15U Elevate Ice

Head Coach: Carlos Navarrete
Assistant Coaches: Marco Russo

Maddy Carter
Reilley Coghill
Taylor Hutton
Kylen Koop
Sydney Kornelius
Ellysa Molina
Olivia Navarrete
Ava Pearson
Alysha Penman
Sarah Penner
Keira Randhawa


16U Elevate Peak

Head Coach: Paul Watton
Assistant Coach: Nu Lapa

Malise Ascencao
Jayde Blight
Kaleigh Haglund
Kacey De Jong
Kayleigh Jeppe
Alyssa Lane
Lesina Lapa
Jade MacDonald
Alicia Mathieson
Brooke Maydiniuk

16U Elevate Ice

Head Coach: Shane Hennessy
Assistant Coach: Kathlyn Jarvis and Lexy Toscano

Megan Anstice
Rachel Atsma
Kate Barkey
Jada Mann
Emma Nielsen
Austyn Newhook
Grace Redman
Ashley Reid
Alaya Sales
Isa Shayler
Faith Smith
Emily Thiessen

17U Elevate Peak

Head Coach: Shallen Letwin
Assistant Coach: Evan Bell-Foley (UFV Men’s Team Libero) and Kim Bauder (UFV Women’s Team Left-side)

Dillon Amarasinghe
Cailin Bitter
Johannah Brandsma
Malaya Brandsma
Hayley Funk
Kate Letwin
Sophie Michael
Erin O'Brien
Sarah Reid
Delaney Spink


  • Athletes please pre-register online to expedite check in process
  • Arrive 20 minutes before tryouts to allow for check in
  • Parents/Guardian required at check-in to sign the Social Media release form
  • $25 CASH ONLY tryout fee is required (paid at the door)
  • Have you played in other club last year?:  If so, club release forms are NO LONGER required
  • Athletes are highly encouraged to wear the same shirt to both tryouts.  This will assist the coaches in identifying athletes.
  • It is ideal, but not required for the Athlete to attend both tryout days for their age group, as this will provide the coach with maximum exposure to their skills, attitudes, coachability and team efforts.
  • Bring: water, great attitude, effort and your love for volleyball and wear appropriate athletic gear
  • Questions: contact either Shallen Letwin ( or Carlos Navarrete (


Athlete Selection to a Team

  • While there are many areas a coach considers when selecting an Athlete, in general, Athletes will be selected based on: Effort, Attitude and Skill.
  • Attributes that are considered include: Athleticism, Speed, Agility, Endurance, Jumping Ability, Ball Handling, Volleyball Body Mechanics, Leadership, Communication, Coachability, Desire and Competitiveness
  • Coaches will be observing and interacting with Athletes during tryouts to determine the members on their teams.
  • No one other than official coaches/club officials are permitted to be on the gym floor assisting, commenting and interacting with athletes during tryouts.
  • Head Coaches will determine which athletes to offer a position to on a team.
  • Athletes may be offered a position during or after tryouts
  • Once an Athlete is offered a position, they need to accept the position by 6 pm on the following dates, otherwise they forfeit their position:
    • 13U and 14U:  SELECTION COMPLETE
    • 15 U: December SELECTION COMPLETE
  • If Athletes do not receive an email/phone call by the dates listed above, they have not been selected on a team.  We highly encourage athletes to continue to find opportunities to keep playing.



  • will focus on more higher competitive tournaments, enhanced training/fitness and be composed of higher skilled players
  • will train at least 3 days per week
  • expect athletes to maintain an above average fitness level on their own
  • will go to Regionals, Provincials and Nationals

COMPETITIVE TEAMS (Elevate Ice and Elevate Edge)

  • will focus on advancing and refining skills and compete in some competitive tournaments
  • will train 2-3 days per week
  •  attend Regionals and Provincials, but may not attend Nationals